Please be advised that no attorney-client relationship is formed by virtue of this initial consultation with our law firm.  Nor is any such relationship created merely by a visitor’s accessing, browsing through, or sending e-mail through the pages of this website.

All information submitted to us in preparation for this consultation will be kept confidential and we will not disclose this information without your consent or unless it is required by law.  However, it is important to understand that since no attorney-client relationship has been formed with our law firm any information provided may not be protected by Attorney-Client Privilege.

If you decide to retain our law firm to represent you in your immigration matter, we will conduct a search of our firm records to determine whether an actual or potential conflict of interest would prevent us from undertaking such representation.  Even if our search for such conflicts of interest does not reveal a conflict, we may for other reasons decline to accept the representation of any person or business solely in our discretion

If after conducting such a search, we mutually decide to proceed with the requested legal representation, you and a firm member will sign a detailed representation agreement in accordance with the rules of professional ethics in the District of Columbia that clearly explains the scope of representation and specific fee arrangements for that representation.  Most cases are handled on a flat-fee or monthly retainer basis so that the cost and scope of work is predictable from the outset of the representation absent any undisclosed or unexpected complications.  Some matters must be billed on time spent on an hourly basis.  In all cases, we do require that clients sign and return the representation agreement and provide an advance fee deposit as set forth in that agreement before we will begin work on any matter.

Finally, although we strive for professional excellence in our representation of clients, we make no express or implied representation that the quality of the legal services we perform are superior to the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers in our field.

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